Undergraduate Student Opportunities

The IBR SOAR (Student Overview of Applied Research) Lab is a new IBR program developed by Jen Pankow and colleagues, to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to experience applied research, coupled with interactive activities designed to enhance academic skills and create networking and mentoring opportunities with research interested peers, graduate students, and IBR research scientists.

All students are invited to participate in attending the SOAR Lab monthly meetings (Tier 1) featuring research
presentations by scientists and graduate students, introducing lab members to IBR project interventions.
Students are invited to apply for Tier 2; a placement at the IBR and hands-on experience with large-scale research

Tier 2 placements are competitive and require a commitment of 6.25 hours a week for the semester.

Watch our IBR website for an update on the IBR SOAR Lab Tier 1 monthly meeting schedule and the call for Tier 2
applications for spring 2021 semester.