Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University (TCU) was founded in 1873 as an independent and self-governing institution and is located on 277 acres five miles from downtown Fort Worth. It was established in association with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) from which it receives a commitment to open-minded inquiry into all scientific and intellectual issues, with students and faculty representing Christian as well as Jewish and Muslim faiths. Research conducted at TCU is not bound by any code of religious perspectives or principles in its pursuit of knowledge and applications that address world needs. The University enrolls over 8,600 undergraduate students in 117 undergraduate areas of study and over 1,380 graduate students in 62 master’s level programs and 25 areas of doctoral study. It employs approximately 2,100 faculty and staff and has an annual operating budget of almost $550 million.

The IBR functions as a separate scientific unit of the university, but through common research training goals and interests it is most closely affiliated with the Department of Psychology. Research Scientists in the IBR function much like other university faculty members; they hold Adjunct Professor and Graduate Faculty appointments, serve on student thesis and dissertation committees, and teach formal courses when time and opportunities permit. Their special skills in advanced data management and multivariate analytic techniques provide the foundation for graduate training in health services evaluation research at TCU.