Current Projects

Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Program Evaluation Studies

(PI: K. Knight; Task Leads: W. Lehman, J. Lux, J. Pankow, R. Proffitt, Y. Yang, & G. Joe, 2021-2026)

Addressing Risk Through Community Treatment for Infectious Disease and Opioid Use Disorder Now Among Justice-Involved Populations (ACTION)

(MPIs: K. Knight, S. Springer, & A. Nijhawan, 2020-2025)

Preventing Opioid Use Among Justice-Involved Youth as They Transition to Adulthood: Leveraging Safe Adults (LeSA)

(PI: D. Knight, 2019-2024)

Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network (JCOIN): TCU Clinical Research Center

(MPIs: K. Knight, D. Knight, D. Olson & N. Painter Davis, 2019-2024)

Increasing Access to PrEP for Minority Women by Leveraging Beauty Shops as Community Health Hubs and Mobile Healthcare (“The Beauty Shop Study”)

Beauty Shop Study
(MPIs: R. Proffitt & K. Knight)