Client Health and Risk Forms

This subset of forms has roots in treatment preadmission assessments such as the TCU Intake (see Joe, Simpson, Greener, & Rowan-Szal, 2004). They include parallel versions of “adult” and “youth” forms for collecting socio-demographic information along with risk indicators based on key social functioning (family, friends, education) information. Forms focused on physical/mental health functioning as well as a PTSD-based evaluation of trauma symptoms and infectious disease risks (HIV and hepatitis) round out this subgroup of background assessments. (Note that limitations apply to the extent that pretreatment reference periods—or pre-incarceration periods for correctional system inmates—may in some cases be poorly defined or temporally remote).

TCU Global Risk Assessment (TCU RSKForm) documents age, gender, race/ethnicity, education, employment, family involvement, living arrangements, and a broad checklist of background problems.

TCU Adult version (TCU A-RSKForm)
[Adult ID & Background Risks]

TCU Youth version (TCU Y-RSKForm)
[Youth ID & Background Risks]

  • TCU Y-RSKForm [PDF; 20 KB; 2 pages]  [DOC; 61 KB; 2 pages]
  • Citation:
    Institute of Behavioral Research. (2008). TCU Global Risk Assessment (TCU Y-RSKForm). Fort Worth: Texas Christian University, Institute of Behavioral Research. Available at

TCU Family and Friends Assessment (TCU FMFRForm) addresses conflict, warmth, and conflict in family relationships, and with respect to friends (or peers), focus on types of mutual activities and levels of involvement.

TCU Adult version (TCU A-FMFRForm)
[Adult Family & Friends]

TCU Youth version (TCU Y-FMFRForm)
[Youth Family & Friends]
A revision of the “TCU Family, Friends, and Self Form” for youth
(see Simpson & McBride, 1992)

TCU Physical and Mental Health Status Screen (TCU HLTHForm) contains 11 items about types of physical disease or health problems experienced in the past year, and 10 items on symptoms of psychological distress during the past 30 days (based on K10; see Kessler, Barker, Colpe et al., 2003, Archives of General Psychiatry).

TCU Mental Trauma and PTSD Screen (TCU TRMAForm) contains 17 symptom-severity items representing post-traumatic stress disorder (based on PTSD civilian version, Weathers, Litz, Herman et al., Oct 1993).

TCU HIV/Hepatitis Risk Assessment (TCU HVHPForm) contains 17 items focused on risks associated with injection drug use (including needles and cooking works) and sexual activities, as well as health concerns and related attitudes (see Simpson, Camacho, Vogtsberger et al., 1994).

TCU Criminal History Risk Assessment (TCU CRHSForm) contains 22 items focused on previous arrests, convictions, and incarcerations (see Hoffman & Beck, 1974, Journal of Criminal Justice; Joe, Simpson, Greener, & Rowan-Szal, 2004).