Permission to Use TCU Resources

The Institute of Behavioral Research at Texas Christian University is pleased to make available, without charge, a wide array of resources, including forms, evidence-based mapping guides, and interventions. Collectively, they are referred to as the “TCU Resources.”

Terms of Use: The TCU Resources may be used for personal, educational, research, and/or informational purposes. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and distribute copies of these materials (except reprinted passages from copyrighted sources) for nonprofit educational and nonprofit library purposes, provided that copies are distributed at or below costs and that credit for author, source, and copyright are included on each copy. It is requested that IBR be notified of their use, and that copies of reports based on these interventions be sent as a professional courtesy to the IBR. TCU Resources may not be copied, downloaded, stored in a retrieval system, or redistributed in any format for ANY COMMERCIAL PURPOSE without the expressed written permission. Contact for more information.