Background and Overview — Criminal Justice (CJ) Treatment Forms

TCU assessments for treatment in correctional (Criminal Justice) settings are included in this section. They include adaptations of forms originally used in community settings (based on the DATAR project) as well as assessments designed as part of the TCU Criminal Justice projects, beginning in 1994, for assessing needs and progress of offenders. Emphasis has been on offender needs and problem severity at intake to the CJ system, as well as continued psychosocial functioning and therapeutic engagement during treatment for evaluating and planning of care (see Simpson, Knight, & Dansereau, 2004). By aggregating offender records within correctional units, they also serve program-level evaluations of needs and effectiveness (Simpson & Knight, 2007). Assessments for evaluating CJ treatment staff/organizational functioning are included as well, especially in relation to efforts by programs to adopt treatment innovations (see Simpson, 2002; 2009; Simpson & Flynn, 2007).

Recently amended version of these and related forms suitable for CJ settings are included in TCU Short Forms. Archives for data collection forms developed in evaluation projects on corrections-based treatment also are available. These resources have been used by program developers and other evaluation researchers.