Treatment Costs

TCU Treatment Cost Analysis Tool (TCU TCAT) is a self-administered Microsoft® Excel-based workbook developed in collaboration with Brandeis University and designed for Program Financial Officers and Directors, or other staff with sufficient information about program finances and operations. It can be used by these personnel, as well as researchers, to allocate, analyze, and estimate treatment costs. This instrument can also be used as a planning and management tool to forecast effects of future changes in staffing, client flow, program design, and other resources. Worksheets include summaries and charts with comparative data from a national sample of non-methadone outpatient programs.

Flynn, P. M., Broome, K. M., Beaston-Blaakman, A., Knight, D. K., Horgan, C. M., & Shepard, D. S. (2009). Treatment Cost Analysis Tool (TCAT). Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 100, 47-53.