Description — Mapping-Enhanced Counseling: An Introduction


About this intervention

Mapping-Enhanced Counseling: An Introduction (Bartholomew & Dansereau, 2008; 74 pages) provides an overview with case examples of ways to incorporate mapping-enhanced counseling into your practice.

Sections of this intervention include:

  • Introduction: TCU Mapping-Enhanced Counseling — Introduction and overview to working with TCU Mapping-Enhanced Counseling.
  • Part 1: Overview of Mapping-Enhanced Counseling Strategies — Background and primer for using node-link mapping for individual and group work.
  • Part 2: The Mapper’s Dozen — Twelve multi-purpose guide map templates with examples of customization to tailor maps to treatment needs.
  • Part 3: Case Studies with Maps — Ideas for using maps to work with clients around issues identified as part of treatment planning.
  • Appendix: Bibliography — Bibliography of mapping research studies.

Recommended Citation: Bartholomew, N. G., & Dansereau, D. F. (2008). Mapping-Enhanced Counseling: An introduction. Fort Worth: Texas Christian University, Institute of Behavioral Research. Available: IBR Website: