Thomas Sease

Associate Research Scientist

PhD, Experimental Psychology
Texas Christian University


Dr. Sease received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from TCU and is currently working as an Associate Research Scientist with the IBR as well as an instructor in the TCU Psychology Department. He is an investigator on the ACTION and BOP projects, and provides training and consultation on the use of the TCU forms. Before joining the IBR, Dr. Sease was an instructor at Dickinson State University, teaching Adolescent Psychology online, and served as the data manager for the San Francisco Center for Compassion-Focused Therapy.

Publications and Presentations

Sease, T. B., & Knight, K. (under review). A latent profile analysis of substance use and post-traumatic stress among legally-involved persons in substance use treatment.

Sease, T. B., Wiese, A. L., Ghafoor, S., & Knight, K. (under review). Developing a measure of criminal thinking for the general population.

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