Thomas Sease

Graduate Student

BS, Psychology
Dickinson State University

E-mail address:

Thomas is a second-year graduate student in the TCU Experimental Psychology program. He is currently assisting with the SUHRI and ACTION projects. He is also working on proposing his thesis and plans to defend this upcoming spring.

Publications and Presentations

Sease, T.B., Joe, G., Pankow, J., Lehman, W.E.K., & Knight, K. (2022). A psychometric reevaluation of the TCU criminal thinking scales (CTS), Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 61:3, 135-147, DOI: 10.1080/10509674.2022.2045528

Russ, S. L., Maruyama, G., Sease, T. B., & Jellema, S. (2017). Do early experiences matter? Development of an early mediation hindrance scale linked to novice meditators’ intention to persist. Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice, 4(3), 274-287.

Sease, T. B., & Sandoz, E. (2020). Expanding the repertoire: psychological flexibility and its influence on substance abuse. Accepted to the ACBS World Conference 18, New Orleans, Louisiana

Sease, T. B., Perkins, D., & Yang, Y. (2020). Resilience: A barrier against treatment motivation for substance users. Poster presented at the 5th Annual Regional Student Scholars Forum, Shreveport, Louisiana

Sease, T. B., & Yang, Y. (2020). Psychometric evaluation of State of Surrender scale in a substance use population. Accepted at the 2020 Southwestern Psychological Association Convention, Frisco, Texas

Sease, T.B., & Perkins, R. (2020). The effect of victimization and dissociation on treatment readiness and avoidance self-efficacy in a justice-involved population. Poster presented at UL Criminal Justice Week: Student Poster Session, Lafayette, Louisiana