Jennifer Pankow

Research Scientist

Ph.D., Experimental Psychology
Texas Christian University, C.A.D.C

E-mail address:

Jennifer Pankow relocated to Fort Worth in 2007, completing the TCU graduate program in experimental psychology and then joining the IBR team. As a part of her work on several large-scale federal research initiatives in the last decade, she served as Project Director on the 5-year Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies (CJ-DATS 2) protocols: one study testing implementation strategies designed to improve access to HIV care in the community, and a second study testing organizational strategies to implement medication-assisted treatment options for individuals with an opioid and/or alcohol addiction. As Project Director on the 5-year Sustainable HIV Risk Reduction Strategies for Criminal Justice Systems Project (DRR2), she was instrumental in developing and testing an app for improving decision-making skills to reduce health risks for adults on probation. She served as an Investigator on the Juvenile Justice Translational Research on Interventions for Adolescents in the Legal System (JJ-TRIALS), and continues to examine the mediating effect of substance use treatment on recidivism for youth under supervision. Currently, Dr. Pankow serves as PI on the Telehealth-Clinical Advocacy Project (T-CAP) funded by NIDA. The two-year project is a feasibility study testing a multidisciplinary telehealth intervention integrated within a state-supported police opioid diversion program. Additional leadership roles include supervising qualitative analyses across IBR projects and launching the new IBR Undergraduate Student Lab (described later in this report) in October, 2019. Dr. Pankow maintains a license as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and brings her clinical experience with prison-based substance use treatment and case management to her research activities.

Selected Advisory and Service Activities

Journal Reviewer: Health and Justice; Journal of Interpersonal Violence; Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment; Journal of Offender Rehabilitation; Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research; Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy; Journal of Drug Education: Substance Abuse Research and Prevention

Grants Application Reviewer: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Selected Publications

Robertson, A. A., Fang, Z., Weiland, D., Joe, G., Gardner, S., Dembo, R., McReynolds, L., Dickson, M., Pankow, J., Dennis, M. L., & Elkington, K. (in Press). Recidivism among justice-involved youth: Findings from JJ-TRIALS. Criminal Justice and Behavior.

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Pankow, J., Lehman, W. E. K., Muiruri, R., & Knight, K. (2019, September). Facilitating self-exploration and behavioral change associated with HIV risk reduction: A qualitative study of individuals on probation and their experiences using a decision-making app. Federal Probation Journal, 83(2). abstract

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