Listed by month

Wiese, A. L. (2021, March). Avoidance Self-Efficacy: Personal Indicators of Risky Sex and Substance Use among At-Risk Youth. Presentation at Behavior, Biology, and Chemistry (BBC): Translational Research in Addiction.

Becan, J. E., Wiese, A. L., & Lehman, W. (2021, April). Preliminary Efficacy for the Mapping Approaches for Implementation Transfer (MAP-IT) in Promoting Agency Selection of Implementation Strategies. Poster Presentation at the Academic & Health Policy Conference on Criminal Justice Health (ACCJH).

Knight, D. K., (April, 2021). Using the Cascade of Care to Change Complex Systems. Cascade of Care and Practical Applications, Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network (JCOIN; Virtual).\

Shelley, L., Hunsley, J., & Knight, D. K. (2021, April). Behavioral and Relationship Changes in Adoptive Families following Trauma-Informed Camp Intervention. Southwestern Psychological Association (Virtual).

Wiese, A. L., Sease, T. B., Knight, K., & Knight, D. K. (2021, April). The Validity of the TCU Drug Screen 5 for Identifying Substance Use Disorder among Justice-Involved Youth. Poster Presentation at the Academic & Health Policy Conference on Criminal Justice Health (ACCJH).

Becan, J., Joseph, E., Young, S., Crawley, R., Knight, D. (2021, June). Development of the Family Assessment, Motivation, and Linkage (FAMLI) Intervention. Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence, virtual.

Knight, D. K., (2021, June). Using the Cascade of Care to Change Complex Systems. Council of State Governments – Juvenile Justice, Research Division Speaker Series (Virtual).

Pankow, J., Muiruri, R., Lehman, W., Wiese, A. L., & Knight, K. (2021, June). Telehealth-Clinical Advocacy Project (T-CAP): An Intervention for Police Deflection Programs Facilitating Opioid Treatment. Poster Presentation at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD).

Ridenour, T., Hussong, A., Knight, D. K., Ahrens, K., Cruden, G., & Kominsky, T. (2021, June). Data Harmonization across Prevention Intervention Trials: HEAL Prevention Cooperative. Society for Prevention Research, 29th Annual Meeting (Virtual).

Yang, Y., Shelley, L. T., Joseph, E. D., Tinius, E., Young, S., Knight, D. K. (2021, June). Feasibility of a pilot study on a prevention intervention for opioid use among justice-involved youth and their families. Annual Conference for the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (83rd CPDD Annual Conference), June 21-24, virtual conference.

Knight, K. (2021, September). Institute of Behavioral Research. Presentation made to the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering at Texas Christian University

Knight, D. K., Yang, Y., Tinius, E., & Young, S. (2021, October). Adaptation and feasibility of a trauma-informed intervention to leverage relationships in preventing opioid use among Justice-involved youth. American Public Health Association Annual Conference.

Knight, K. (2021, December). Quality Outcomes for Correctional Treatment. Presentation to the Gateway Foundation Board of Directors, Chicago, IL.