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Hill, L. M., Golin, C. E., Carda-Auten, J., Groves, J. S., Napravnik, S., Pence, B. W., Castonguay, B. U., Wohl, D. A., Knight, K. & Flynn, P. F. (2019, June). Behavioral health service utilization by recently incarcerated people living with HIV: Analysis of data from the Individuals Motivated to Participate in Adherence, Care, and Treatment (imPACT) Trial. Poster presented at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, Washington DC.

Knight, K., (2019, April). Principals of effective treatment with justice-involved populations. Invited plenary preseation at Mediterranean College’s Psycholopathology, Crime & Criminal Profiling Conference. Thessaloniki, Greece.