Drug Use and Crime Risk Forms

  • TCU ADOL Drug Screen II [PDF; 179 KB; 2 pages] [DOC; 41 KB; 2 pages]
  • Scoring Guide for TCU ADOL Drug Screen II [PDF; 115 KB; 1 page] [DOC; 34 KB; 1 page]
  • TCU ADOL HVCT [PDF; 146 KB; 3 pages] [DOC; 24 KB; 3 pages]
  • Scoring Guide for TCU ADOL HVCT [PDF; 151 KB; 3 pages] [DOC; 26 KB; 3 pages]

If you or your agency currently uses the TCU ADOL HVCT form, please note that the Personal Irresponsibility (PI) scale should no longer include item #33 in the scoring of the PI scale. Also please note that this instrument is intended to be used strictly as a pre- and post-assessment of criminal thinking intervention effectiveness; it is not designed for any other purpose within the criminal justice system (e.g., it should not be used when making decisions about cases)