Drug Use and Crime Risk Forms

These forms address preadmission drug use, criminal history, and disease prevention as risk factors for treatment progress and outcomes. Each has roots in TCU Intake and related assessments (e.g., Joe, Simpson, Greener, & Rowan-Szal, 2004).

TCU Adolescent Drug Screen II Form (DSIIForm) – a self-administered, brief screen that identifies individuals with a history of heavy drug use or dependency (based on the DSM and the NIMH Diagnostic Interview Schedule).

TCU Adolescent HIV and Criminal Thinking Assessment Form (TCU HVCTForm) – documents HIV risk behavior (risky drug use avoidance, risky sex avoidance, risk assertiveness, self-knowledge) and criminal thinking (power orientation, cold heartedness, personal irresponsibility).

  • TCU ADOL HVCTForm [PDF; 22 KB; 2 pages]  [DOC; 28 KB; 3 pages]
  • Spanish Version — TCU ADOL HVCTForm [PDF; 23 KB; 3 pages]
  • Scoring Guide for TCU ADOL HVCTForm [PDF; 13 KB; 3 pages]
  • Citation:
    Institute of Behavioral Research. (2011). TCU Adolescent HIV and Criminal Thinking Assessment Form (TCU HVCTForm). Fort Worth: Texas Christian University, Institute of Behavioral Research. Available at ibr.tcu.edu