Jack M. Greener

Retired and now Consulting Scientist — Former Research Scientist

Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology
University of Houston

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Jack Greener joined the IBR in 1978 and supervised its industrial psychology research program until 1983. Since that time he has been an independent management consultant and was a Visiting Associate Professor of Psychology at Texas A&M University from 1986 to 1988. He rejoined the IBR in 1989. Dr. Greener’s major interests are in industrial-organizational psychology, research methodology, measurement, and evaluation. This work has included job analysis surveys, data system management, electronic forms development, and substance abuse treatment evaluation research. He has directed contract research projects and published articles in professional journals in these areas. Dr. Greener retired in 2011 as a Research Scientist from the IBR and now serves as a Consulting Scientist to the IBR.