Roxanne Muiruri

Public Health Research Associate

MPH/MS, Community Health
University of North Texas – Health Science Center

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Roxanne Muiruri joined the IBR in 2012 from the field of social work where she focused on implementating programs for foster children, asylum seekers, and refugees. Roxanne has experience in HIV prevention activities with young adults and youth in a university setting. As a research associate, she has worked on four IBR NIDA-funded projects—JJ-TRIALS, DRR2, STT (“Seek, Test, and Treat,”), and CJ-DATS 2. Currently, she primarily works on two IBR NIDA-funded projects, T-CAP and MAP-IT. Her interests include the intersection of healthcare and technology, the impact of social-cultural factors on health choices/decision-making, and the use of evidence-based research to modify and adapt interventions for vulnerable, underserved, and minority populations with a focus on mental health, substance use, and chronic diseases.