Elaine Tinius

Research Associate

Social Work, MSW
Washburn University

Elaine joined the IBR team in January 2020 as a research associate. She transitioned from a background of social work, where the majority of her career has been rooted in the child welfare arena, directly serving families and vulnerable youth. She has completed both undergraduate and graduate studies in social work, and is a TBRI practitioner. Elaine has a passion for combatting abuse and neglect, focusing on effective ways to support and impact children, youth, and families. Her experience includes investigations, permanency work, as well as family preservation, implementing foster care systems, curriculum facilitation, and partnering with the legal system in numerous capacities. Elaine believes all young people deserve and are meant to connect to a positive, caring, supportive, and nurturing caregiver. She works to advocate, educate, and empower others to be more trauma informed, believing everyone possesses their own unique catalogue of experiences. Elaine joins the IBR as the project coordinator for Preventing Opioid Use Among Justice-Involved Youth as They Transition to Adulthood: Leveraging Safe Adults (LeSA).